• Image of Fighter with Hamon

15" OAL
10" blade
W2 Steel with differential heat treatment
Includes leather sheath

W2 tool steel is not stainless. It should be kept clean and oiled.

NOTE: forge marks and hamon pattern on the blade will be unique from knife to knife.

Wood grain/Horn materials will vary from piece to piece and will not look exactly like what's pictured.

What's a hamon?
Its a differential heat-treatment on the blade. The blade edge is hardened and the spine is left un-hardened. Resulting in a tougher spine that can take a beating and hard edge that will retain sharpness.

Not all blade steels are capable of achieving this.

The patterning/lines on the blade are visual manifestation of this type of heat-treatment and is brought out by a series of acid etches and lots of hand sanding/rubbing. This can be time-consuming, but the results are unique and beautiful.

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